Central to the institute’s mission is creating databases of private capital information that can be used by academic researchers. This effort fills a significant gap in the knowledge base of financial economics. Privately held capital constitutes the vast majority of global capital, yet little academic research focuses on it because so little data are available.

IPC databases will include many forms of private capital investment such as venture capital funds, buy-out and growth capital funds, hedge funds, debt funds, real estate funds, natural resources funds and closely-held/family businesses.

We are pleased to have a relationship with Burgiss that allows their data to be used in academic research. The Burgiss dataset of funds totals some 6,000 funds with $4.0 trillion in assets sourced directly from limited partners. This represents the largest and most in-depth dataset on venture, buyout, and real estate funds available anywhere.

IPC builds on the success of the Private Equity Research Consortium (PERC), a group of scholars and industry professionals that has produced impactful research on private equity.