We improve public understanding of the role of private capital in the global economy. Academic and industry experts work together to generate new knowledge about private capital markets based on objective academic research.
For the third year in a row, IPC founding member, Northern Trust, will host a private equity research symposium on March 10th at the offices in Chicago.
On April 26, IPC founding member, AlpInvest Partners, will partner with the Institute for Private Capital to host an LP roundtable discussion. Papers presentations from IPC Research Director, Greg Brown, and Prof. Berk Sensoy (Vanderbilt University) will be featured before a panel discussion focusing on the benefits of international diversification.
On Wednesday, April 25 IPC will be partnering with the Managed Funds Association (MFA) to host an invitation-only panel discussion covering topics and trends in hedge funds.

Latest Research

Performance of Private Credit Funds: A First Look

May 07, 2018

We review the recent trends within private credit, provide an overview of various strategies, describe returns since 2004 and compare private credit to several benchmark indices in order to develop a preliminary view of performance and risk across various private credit strategies. More

Activism and Empire Building

March 22, 2018

We focus on the role of activists in the market for corporate control and provide evidence that activists curb incentives to engage in empire building acquisitions, limiting the scope of one of the most destructive forces in public companies. More

Buy Low, Sell High? Do Private Equity Fund Managers Have Market Timing Abilities?

March 01, 2018

In this paper we focus on whether PE fund managers are able to use their discretion over timing to create returns for investors – in other words, whether they have market timing ability. More

Recent News & Media

IPC Welcomes a New Member

May 25, 2018

Please join the IPC in welcoming new member, Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund! We are excited to work with Andrew Kelsen and his colleagues.