2020 Real Estate Research Symposium

Thursday October 1, 2020 to Friday October 2, 2020

This event, sponsored by the Commercial Real Estate Data Alliance (CREDA) and the Institute for Private Capital (IPC), brings together leading academics and practitioners for discourse and discussion on innovative topics in the field of commercial real estate.

This year, the CREDA symposium will be offered exclusively online given current restrictions and concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Private Real Estate Returns, Style Drift, and Procyclical Risk Taking
Spencer J. Couts

Underwriting Green Mortgage Backed Securities: Costs and Benefits
Meagan McCollum

Climate Risk and Mortgage Delinquency
Rogier Holtermans

You Only Lend Twice: Corporate Borrowing and Land Values in Real Estate Cycles
Cameron LaPoint

Pension Funds and Private Equity Real Estate: History, Performance, Pathologies, Risks
Timothy J. Riddiough

Fire Sales and Zombie Lending
Kaushalendra Kishore

How Does Property Location Influence Investment Risk and Return
Eva Steiner

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