Hedge Fund Research Symposium

Friday September 21, 2018 • New York City

Hosted by IPC Founding Partner, Wells Fargo Investment Institute at their Global Learning Center in NYC, the Institute for Private Capital will build on previous years’ symposiums and connect academics and practitioners together to discuss topics, trends and data in hedge funds. More

UNC Real Estate Research Symposium

Thursday October 11, 2018 to Friday October 12, 2018 • Chapel Hill, NC

The Commercial Real Estate Data Alliance (CREDA), part of the IPC, will host a research symposium at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, NC. Designed to bring together practitioners and academics, the symposium will allow for presentation of new work in real estate and allow for discussion and collaboration to help find, gain and organize data in commercial real estate. More

10th Annual Private Equity Research Consortium (PERC) Symposium

Thursday November 1, 2018 to Friday November 2, 2018 • Chapel Hill, NC

The Private Equity Research Consortium (PERC), part of the IPC’s efforts, will host its 10th annual symposium at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, NC. The symposium has limited seats available for academics and practitioners to hear and discuss new and to-be-published work in private equity, including updates on the Burgiss data. More

12th Annual Alternative Investments Conference

Thursday March 28, 2019 • Chapel Hill, NC

This conference serves as a forum for investment managers, institutional investors and academics to network, share ideas and stay abreast of the latest industry trends.  The conference provides insights into current alternative investment topics as well as the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most influential industry leaders.  Conference attendance is typically around 200, comprised mostly of institutional investors and managers, academics and some high net worth.  It’s a great place to spend time with a broad set of institutional investment professionals. More