We improve public understanding of the role of private capital in the global economy. Academic and industry experts work together to generate new knowledge about private capital markets based on objective academic research.
The 14th Annual Private Equity Research Symposium will highlight recent research on buyouts, private credit, and venture capital, among other topics.
We invite submissions of theoretical and empirical papers for the 2023 IPC Spring Research Symposium. Submission deadline November 15, 2022.
The symposium will bring together leading academics and practitioners for discourse and discussion on innovative topics in the field of real estate finance and investing.

Latest Research

Leverage in Private Equity Real Estate

March 21, 2022

This paper reviews the scant academic literature on the use of leverage in institutional private equity real estate (PERE) investments and summarize a number of stylized facts. The bulk of available evidence supports the view that leverage, as used by high-risk PERE funds, does not adequately compensate limited partners for the risk that it adds. More

Performance Analysis and Attribution with Alternative Investments

January 24, 2022

This white paper provides a summary of existing methods and current research on performance analysis and attribution for complex portfolios that include investments such as hedge funds and private investment funds. We summarize the main challenges of analyzing portfolios with illiquid assets and provide updated analysis for several important asset classes. More

Asset Allocation with Private Equity

January 21, 2022

We survey the literature on the private equity partnership arrangement from the perspective of an outside investor (limited partner). We examine how the partnership arrangement fits into a broader portfolio of investments, and we consider the methods and difficulties in performance measurement, both at the fund level and at the asset class level. We follow with a discussion of performance persistence and the skill and pricing power of both general and limited partners. More

Recent News & Media

Is the U.S. Economy at a Boiling Point, or Just Simmering?

January 19, 2022

As the U.S. continues to face COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions, experts debate just how worked up the economy is in its current state. This Kenan Insight serves as the first in a two-part point-counterpoint series, in which Kenan Institute Executive Director Greg Brown and Chief Economist Gerald Cohen hash out the arguments both for and against an overheating economy. More